Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 67 Alkaline and Antiangiogenesis

God is good all the time.  He put a song of praise in this heart of mine.

I'm so excited.  My bad days are not so bad and my good days are getting better.  Yay.  Yesterday was a down day but today..........up early this morning, to the grocery store at 6:30.  Came out and had a dead battery.  So, after huffing and grouching a little, I just settled down and prayed until AAA got there.  Then home and took Chipper for a walk.  He was happy too.  What a precious guy I have.

I know that in almost every post I say that I'm going to paint and I don't seem to get to the studio but I think that today is going to be the day.  I'm about to have my flax oil/cottage cheese smoothie, swiffer up some pet hair, and then squeeze out some paint and see where it goes today.

I wanted to share this with you.  My friend Darlene posted it on FB and I thought it was good enough to add here.

Well, only part of it copied but it is a list of the seven best alkaline foods from a website at  They are celery, cucumbers, kale, spinach, broccoli, red peppers and avocados.   I didn't find a lot of information on an alkaline diet on this site but there are some nice recipes.  Any diet focused on plant foods as opposed to animal foods is going to be high alkaline and low acid.  My favorite site is .  I've talked about this site before and it focuses on antiangiogenesis foods or foods that starve those rogue blood vessels that feed and nurture cancer cells.  There is always lots of updated information here plus some interesting recipes from Mario Batali.  I haven't tried them yet but when I do, I'll report back to you.

Another awesome website is .  This has always been a go to site for me for nutritional info on individual foods and is sponsored by Lance Armstrong's Foundation.  Never thinking I would be studying the section dedicated to fighting cancer, I was excited to find more information than I could ever work my way through.  Cancer victors and artist friends, Jack and Mikki, sent me a yellow Livestrong bracelet last week and I wear it often.   I consider myself a victor now and cannot wait until that last treatment in December.  What a celebration that is going to be. 

If you or anyone you know are facing a battle with this enemy, I encourage you to search the web daily for the latest information available.  Some people choose to rely only on the medical community, others solely on alternative methods of treatment and many, like myself, look for the best of both worlds.  There is a complete healing coming.  I'm looking forward to it.

Precious Lord,
I join with other of your children today as we come before You in humble gratitude for the mercy and goodness You've shown us through the many methods of fighting and overcoming this hated enemy.  We ask that You guide each one of us to our own best remedy, granting a complete and profound victory while knowing that all our good is from You.  
We pray for each other, Lord, for spiritual and physical healing, and thank You for the opportunity to be an example of what Your grace and favor can mean in a committed life.
Bless us this day, strengthen us, fortify us for the battle ahead. 
In Jesus' name we pray.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 65 Surgery Scheduled...Again

Surgery Scheduled sounds a lot more serious than it is.  I met with the surgeon yesterday and am scheduled to have the port installed on Monday.  General anesthesia and should only take about 30 minutes.  That way it will be in place to start chemo exactly 5 weeks after surgery which the oncologist says is the optimum time. 

So, here's what I learned about the port.  It's placed under the skin just below the collar bone and then will have a tube going into one of the main veins where the blood flow is strongest.  The reason for this is that the chemo is pretty caustic and would burn up smaller veins like in the arm where the flow isn't as rapid.  So, like I've always heard, it's poison and will be pumped into my body every two weeks for six months to kill those random enemy cells still floating around.  Bring it on! I'm ready to get this done and over with.  But I have to be even more diligent at this point to make sure my body is fortified with the best food and supplements to minimize the side effects.

Now, vanity comes into play.  I may or may not lose my hair.  And I will say that I probably have the boniest collarbone ever.  So, that port is going to look like a worm working its way under the skin.  I whined to Mel yesterday that bald and worms under the skin on my chest would not make a pretty picture.  I got a lecture back.  She even called me "Missy".  Uh oh...............  That means I'm in trouble.  So, here's the plan.  If I lose my hair, I'm thinking maybe a red wig.  If not red, then maybe platinum.  Or maybe both.  Why not?  This is not the time to be serious but a time to indulge myself. 

When I met with the surgeon yesterday, he was very serious and did not smile through the entire appointment but he did comment that he thought I looked very good to have just had surgery.  I heard the same thing last week from my oncologist and my cardiologist.  So, I give God credit for an incredible recovery in spite of my whining.  Next I credit awesome Dr. Mahmood for his magical surgical techniques.  Thirdly I have to pat myself on my back for getting serious the minute I was diagnosed to research what I could do to help myself nutritionally through the process.  I think back to when my precious brother was diagnosed with this same disease.  There was no internet to go to for information and very little printed material for the lay person.  There were xrays but no pet scan to show cancer cells reacting to sugar.  There may have been cat scans but that technology was in its infancy.   There were theories about nutrition but they probably held very little validity in most people's minds.  He just really didn't have a chance of survival. 

I feel good today.  I should.  I slept until 8am.  Wow......  I feel strong and I feel agressive.  I feel like I can kick C's butt today and it doesn't have a chance against me.  Going to buy some fresh beets today after reading 's note yesterday about adding them to the diet.  I love cooked beets.  I tried adding the fresh ones to my juicing but that was just a little offputting.  I guess I can do it if I have to but I want to try grating a little into a salad first.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Yay Precious Lord!
I feel awesome today.  It's been a few low days but I feel today like I'm on my way to a complete healing and I'm so excited.  I give You all the praise, honor and glory for this.  It's all You, Father, all You.  I wish I could bottle this feeling right now and share it with everyone out there fighting this enemy so that they could feel the comfort of Your healing presence and the security of knowing how much of the victory is in their hands.  Thank You, Lord, for the knowledge that You have given us so that we may take part in our healing.  We love You.
In Jesus' name,

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 64 Another Day, Another Doctor

Today is the day I meet for the first time with the surgeon that is going to install the port for the chemo.  Sigh.........  Not looking forward to this but at least it's only temporary.  Six months and I'll be done.  I had thought that I would be ready for some shows in the fall, but I guess I'll have to wait to see exactly what the side effects are before I make that decision.  I am so ready to get out there and meet my collectors that I haven't seen for what seems like ages.

Good day yesterday.  Still no painting but did get the cooking done that I wanted to.  Black eyed peas and collard greens.  Yummo.  First the collard greens: I sauteed 1/2 small yellow onion in a little olive oil until soft.  Then I added the washed and chopped greens with a little additional water and plenty of salt and pepper.  Once they were almost tender, I added a splash of balsamic vinegar and a couple of squirts of honey for that little sweet/sour taste that offsets the bitterness of the greens.  I could probably have eaten the entire pan of greens but have to be careful with amounts now.  A full tummy isn't a happy one, incision wise. 

For the black eyed peas, I always used dried peas.  For some reason, to me anyway, when fresh ones are in season, they have a taste that just doesn't appeal to me.  Fresh or dried, this method will work.  I've cooked my peas this same way for years so this isn't just for alkaline cancerfighting food.   Easy peasy.  Just put the peas in a pot along with chopped onion, garlic, red or green bell pepper, celery and two carrots.  Cover with water and season with about 1 tbsp. of chicken broth granules, salt and pepper.  That's it.  Bring to a boil, reduce to simmer, cover and cook until almost tender.  You may need to add a little more water but once they're almost done, uncover, stir often so that the juice thickens.  They're delicious with the carrots bringing in a sweet taste and even better the next day.  A little pepper sauce and it's a feast.   I may have to have lunch for brunch today.  Getting hungry.

I woke this morning with a feeling of gratitude.  I'm not sure what for, maybe for everything but it was there the second my eyes opened.  What a wonderful feeling.   I do have so much to be grateful for.   God has given me direction and allowed me to use this journey to maybe help or inspire others to care for themselves in a way they haven't before.  Our bodies are such amazing gifts and it is never too late to change old habits.   God is revealing more and more every day to us about how our bodies work and what we can do to keep them healthy.   He has also given us free will so it's up to us how we take our journey.   Isaiah 46:10 says:

"My purpose shall stand and I will fulfill my intentions."

Father God,
I am so grateful for the purpose and direction that You have given me.  I ask only in this that You give me the right words to spark a desire in people who read these words to learn more about their own health and to make the changes that will give them a stronger, healthier and happier life.
Thank You. Lord, for loving and caring for each of us fighting this hated enemy.  Give us the strength and fortitude to win a resounding victory against it.  Thank You for the tools to fight this enemy from every direction and the resolve to never give in.
These things I gratefully ask in Jesus' precious name.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 63 What's in my grocery cart?

Yesterday didn't go exactly as planned but was a good day anyway.  I got some things done in the morning, then down for several hours but up again around 3pm.  I guess 3pm is going to be my witching hour.  That means I decided to do the grocery shopping around 4pm when the temp was in triple digits, for goodness sake.  Yikes!  It was hot.

I thought I would share with you what I restocked the fridge and pantry with so that I can get back to an alkaline and antiangiogenesis diet.   I start in the veggie section and then go to the organic food section.

Raspberries, blackberries, bananas, lowfat organic cottage cheese, and flax seed oil for my morning smoothies.
Organic carrots, apples and celery for the afternoon juicing.  I usually add dark grapes but not happy with what they had yesterday.
Onions, mushrooms, red peppers, collard greens, lettuce, tomatoes, red potatoes, and a big avocado.
Knudsen's Rice Chips and Tostitos All Natural Peach and Pineapple Salsa.  The rice chips are gluten free and delicious and that salsa is addictive.  I really have to pace myself on that stuff.
Ezekiel Bread, Sesame.  This is not gluten free but is made with sprouted grain and no preservatives.
I bought two Amy's Frozen Meals.  If you've never tried Amy's Mexican dinners, let me tell you they're awesome.  All organic and some are gluten free and some dairy free and some are both.  Melanie loves her Italian meals too.  Me, not so much.  I've tried the Indian ones and not crazy about those but I crave the Mexican ones. 
I also bought from the bulk food area sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sliced almonds and dried cranberries to make my type of granola.  I get the fresh ground almond butter too.  Kroger's almond butter is from roasted almonds but when I'm at Whole Foods, I get it made from regular almonds. 
My venture into the other part of the store was for the one salad dressing that I probably shouldn't have but love love love and that's Brianna's Blush Wine Vinaigrette.  I figure as long as I use it sparingly, I'm okay.

So, my plan for today is to cook some black eyed peas and the collard greens.  I know it's hard to believe that either of these dishes can be tasty without bacon or ham hocks but I assure you they can.  I'll share tomorrow how I cook both of them and hope you'll give them a try.

Pastor RO always says that with God, it's like a checker game.  You move, He moves.  That just confirms to me that I have to do my part in this healing process.  I cannot leave it up to the medical community or expect God to just heal me supernaturally while I set back and continue with old habits that might have helped get me into this condition. 

Heavenly Father,
Thank You so much for all of the information out there to guide me in doing my part to fight this dreaded enemy.  Cancer is not a disease that attacks from the outside but an enemy that attacks from within.  I need to fight it from within.  Please forgive any weakness that takes me along another path.  Strengthen my resolve and fortitude to continue doing what I know that I need to do to be the strongest and healthiest I can be.   I do this to honor You, Lord, and to glorify Your goodness and love.  Please grant this same strength and resolve to everyone else out there fighting this same enemy.  Bless them, love them and heal them Father in such a profound way that this enemy will never appear again.
I ask these things in Jesus' precious name.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 62 Back on the Offensive

Feel Good hit around 3pm yesterday and, of course, I overdid things thinking I would probably be back down today.  Not so!  Feel Good is still around and I'm excited.  I opened my eyes this morning and could only praise God for His incredible goodness.   I can't tell you how awesome it feels.  It's like this huge ape is off my back, I can straighten up, smile, move around and maybe, just maybe, get some things done today that need doing.  Woo hoo........  This may be a zydeco music and dance around the house day.  Try not to picture it.  Probably not a pretty thing.

At Mel's birthday dinner, I asked her if I was going to lose my hair with chemo.  Silly question to ask my daughter but she was with me when we visited the oncologist and I have to admit that a lot of what he said sort of passed me by.  I remembered him saying something about hair follicles but really just couldn't focus at the time.  Now I need a haircut but don't want to waste the money if it's just going to fall out.  I decided that if it does, there is going to be an upside, ladies.  No worrying about eyebrows or shaving legs.   Nothing wrong with that.  

Since things are going so well, I am off to the grocery store today.  Back to my flax oil/cottage cheese smoothies and vegan diet.  Actually I've missed it but was sort of leary of jumping back in with all the seeds, nuts and fiber.  My awesome body has done such an incredible job of healing that I think I'm ready to get back to the best diet for me.  I feel strong enough today to go on the offensive again.  I've been waiting for that.   Two and a half weeks and I finally feel normal again.   I can't believe I just said that.  Just two and a half weeks is actually what I should be saying. 

 Going to the library to pick up the book they've been holding for me about the Gerson Method of juicing.  I don't think I'm interested in a juice fast but I do want to see if there are some beneficial protocols that I can integrate into what I've already been doing.  Started back on my supplements this morning as well.  The sun is shining, birds are singing, Chipper is at my side, God is still on the throne and all is right with the world this morning.

Friend Jackie Williams posted this quote by Carrie  Ten Boom this morning on her FB page:
        " Faith sees the invisible, believes the unbelievable, and receives the impossibilities."
It gave me pause and I've read it several times.  Faith and belief are my mainstays.  Now I have to learn better to receive the miracles God has in store for me. 

Father God,
Thank You for this gloriously beautiful day.  Only a Creator like You could imagine such a miracle. 
I feel physically strong today, Lord, but I need your help to strengthen my faith and belief and to more confidently receive Your goodness and love. 
Father, I ask that same strength, faith and belief for my fellow victors out there who are winning the fight against this ugly and hated enemy.  Let each one feel the comfort of Your love and power as they go through today with their focus on You instead of focusing on that evil.
It's all You, Lord.  All You.  I love You.
In Jesus' name,

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 61 It's A New Day

And thank You Father for that!

Wow, I had an active Thursday and have been down since then.  Juanita was here to clean on Friday and I just moved from the couch to the bed to stay out of her way.  Yesterday, I managed to get to Walmart around noon and then quickly back home to the couch.  Pretty much slept there until time to move from the couch to the bed.   I keep thinking this healing process is taking longer than it should but then I think back to compare it to the transplant and I'm way ahead of schedule.  I think it must have been three weeks before I ventured out in a car.  This time I've been driving since week one when I cut back on pain meds to only at night. 

Today is my precious daughter's birthday.  It almost seems like Mother's Day all over again being able to celebrate her birthday.  Actually, we get to celebrate two birthdays.  First, her actual birthday in June and then the date of the transplant in February.  Mel and I were talking Friday about how amazing the human body is.  My colon is in the process of adjusting the job of the portion that was removed to another part.  Just like when I gave her a kidney.  The other one just picked up the slack with no problem.  The body is so forgiving.  No matter what you do to it, once you start to treat it with proper exercise, rest and nutrition, it immediately starts to repair itself.  What an amazing Creator we have to have programmed that repair gene into it. 

My friend, Mary Ann Simkins, tagged me on her Facebook blog with a song by Rodney Atkins called "If You're Going Through Hell."   I've listened to it several times and the portion of the lyrics that stayed with me were:
           "But the good news is there's angels everywhere out on the street
             holding out a hand to pull you back up on your feet."
I've been really blessed with so many angels in my life.  I'm almost overwhelmed by all the calls, emails, gifts and cards that I continue to receive daily.  Actually I didn't realize I knew so many people. 

Angels have played a huge part in my life.  I hope you believe in angels because I promise you, they are out there, they do exist and they do work on your behalf.  From an art angel to a warrior angel to a visitation, God has allowed them to be active in my life.  I need to think about what all I want to share about this because it's always been a sort of private, but I'll write about my angels soon. 

Heavenly Father,
I thank You for another day, a new day giving me another opportunity to praise Your amazing glory.  Life here is so precious and there are so many opportunities to be an angel to others.  Let me be that person on the street today Lord that can do something for someone else just as so many have done for me.  I am thanking You in advance, Father, believing for a healing and return of energy so that I can be more effective on Your behalf.
Thank You Lord for the strength to fight this hated enemy and thank You for giving everyone else out there fighting this same enemy the energy to destroy it so profoundly that it never gains a destructive foothold in their body again.
In Jesus' precious name,


Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 58 Insurance, another journey all its own......

I've been all morning working my way through insurance info, items not covered by insurance and questioning first one bill and then another.  I purchased a cancer policy back in the 80's and have kept it up.  Probably won't pay much more than $10/day considering how old it is but at this point every little bit helps.  It'll probably take me the next three days just to complete the claim form.

Now I'm waiting to find out what my share of the chemo treatment is going to be.  One of the meds is over $4000/dose.  Yowsa!!  I've probably had some thoughts about big pharma in the past and how much money they make but at this point, I don't care.  I am just happy they're out there with all their research and development.  Amazing how one's viewpoint can change in a second. 

I would probably be in a grumpy mood with all of this except that my friend Tineke sent her cleaning lady over for the day in lieu of sending me "get well flowers".   If you've followed this blog, you know by now that I hate cleaning house.  It is a never ending task that really accomplishes nothing because it has to be repeated in a few days.  I get no creative satisfaction from it, although I do like a clean house.  Juanita has everything smelling so good and looking shiny clean.  Hmmmm.   I remember when I was a little girl, if I was sick my Mom would always put fresh bedding on her bed and put me in the middle of the bed, all propped up with fluffy pillows and surrounded by sweet smelling line dried sheets.  I think I may treat myself to that same thing once Juanita is done.  Just prop myself up in the middle of the bed made up with fresh bedding and then just snuggle down to take another healing nap.  I still take lots of those. 

My appetite is improving.   Lomotil is letting me stray farther and farther from home.  The nausea is pretty much gone.  I'm thinking that within the next few days, I'll make a trip to the market and hit the organic veggie section again.  Actually I've been a little scared of fiber but I'm slowly working my way back and it's going okay so far.  What an awesome creation the human body is that it can take so much and still keep working and doing the job that God designed it to do.   How incredible the knowledge that He has given the medical community to treat and cure almost anything that goes wrong.   I would like to know who the first surgeon was with nerve enough to pull someone's innards out through a little  slit in the belly button, remove the bad part, stitch it back together and then get everything back where it is supposed to be.  Wow.  That was a courageous person and you know there had to be some supernatural guidance in that.   Thank You Lord that You are allowing me to benefit from all the knowledge You've given these dedicated physicians.

Today I have a special prayer request for all of you out there who pray with me daily.  Today it isn't for someone fighting the enemy.  The nurse at my oncologist's office told me that her sister delivered a baby boy yesterday and he was way early, weighing only about a pound.  Baby Jordan was transferred to Memorial Herman downtown while Mom is still at Memorial Herman in Sugar Land.   Can you imagine how hard it must be for her to be in one hospital while her baby is in another hospital?

Precious Father,
You spoke often of the power of prayer and we know that Your presence is in the prayer of Your children.  Today, we are asking special favor for Jenny and her baby, Jordan.  Just wrap your comforting arms around her so that she knows her baby is loved, protected and held in the palm of Your hand.  Give specific guidance to the medical staff caring for Jordan so that he can grow, flourish, and honor You with his life.
We love You, Father, we praise You and glorify You in all that we do.
In Jesus' name.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 56 It's really really real..........

I feel really well today, praise God, and it's a good thing because yesterday was the pits. 
My first meeting with the oncologist and I have to tell you, when I walked up to the door of the clinic with the word "Oncology" etched in the glass in huge letters, I got a little weak.  If I had not known that Melanie was almost right behind me, I probably would have started crying right then.   It seemed like for the first time it hit me that this thing is really really really real.  I have cancer.  The surgery didn't take it all away.  There are cancer cells in my body right now, wanting to destroy all that is healthy.  I hate it!

I know,  it seems I've taken it all in stride, being strong and brave.  And for the most part I have. I concentrated on studying what I could do to help my body deal with this enemy, dealt with the surgery and the ups and downs of that.  In the back of my mind I knew that chemo was probably going to be involved but walking through those doors yesterday was another experience entirely.  I just wanted to say, "Mommy, come take me home." 
Lord, please forgive me for being such a wimp.

So, here's the deal.  The cancer is at Stage III.  Ha, silly me.  I thought probably Stage I.   The oncologist again commented how fortunate it is that Dr. Mahmood took 25 samples instead of standard 10 or 12.  Otherwise, I might have been home thinking everything was fine when it wasn't. 
That was all You Lord.  I praise and honor You.
He said optimum time to start chemo is 5 weeks after surgery so now it's all about timing.  Port.  Two days of chemo, twice a month for six months and that's all.  Then a watch and wait for years.  Actually for the rest of my life.  He said with colon cancer, if it comes back, it usually comes back everywhere so that means I have to be diligent with alkaline and antiangiogenesis diet.  I can do that.   Lots of side effects to deal with - sensitivity to light and cold, neuropathy, diarrhea.  Diarrhea?!  Oh no!  I've had enough experience with that since surgery.  

Here's the upside part of the day.  Went for my visit to the cardiologist who had okayed me for surgery.  He ran every test possible on me from ultrasound, stress test, doppler carotid, etc.  Good news is my heart is in great shape and my cholesterol is only 88!  How awesome is that?! 

In spite of the good news, I came home depressed and weepy.  Poor Tineke called and I just boohoo'd over the phone to her.  She is like my fairy godmother and immediately wanted to move me into her home to take care of me.  God has blessed me with such incredible friends, I can't even begin to describe what they mean to me.  Then I checked emails before going to bed.

"You may have saved my life,"  Friend Gracie decided to go ahead and have colo/endo 6 months early after finding me on the internet and following this blog.  Turns out that her stomach lining is in such bad shape the doctor said if she had waited  much longer, one of the ulcers might have perforated the stomach and the "outcome could have been pretty grim."  She ended her email with
"I am so grateful He led me to your blog."   Oh my gosh, I can't even begin to tell you how much that means to me.  I have praised God for this journey before even though I wasn't giving much praise yesterday.  But how awesome that He can guide me through this to help others.   It's like this is my purpose and how long it took me to get here really doesn't matter.  All that matters is that I am here and He is using me for His purposes and it feels really good.

Friend Griffa's precious little book spoke to me again this morning.  If you will follow some sort of daily meditation, you will be amazed at how timely the words become and how God will give you the right words just when you need them most.  This is going to be my new favorite verse.

"Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, 'This is the way; walk in it.'" Isaiah 30:21

Precious Father,
Thank You for sending me these words of confirmation this morning.  I am so blessed and so grateful.  It's all You Lord, all You.  I simply could not do this without You and I don't know how others travel this road without You.  My prayer this morning is for those fighting this battle who don't know how much You love them and don't know that You are on their side.  Put someone in their path today, Lord, who can share Your word, Your love, and Your hope with them, giving them the strength to fight this evil enemy that wants only to destroy. 
I love You, Father and I am asking these things in the name of Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 55 Meeting Oncologist Today

I have been up and down, mostly down, so much lately that I feel like a yoyo.  Sunday was my last good day.  Yesterday morning, I forced myself to walk then came back and slept most of the day.  I did get up long enough to wire two paintings and seal some 10x10's to ship.  Tired again today but this means shower and hair washing to go meet with the oncologist.  I better do that early so I can nap again before time to go.  Upside is that I'm totally off pain meds.  That's good. 

New friend, Griffa, sent me a beautiful leatherbound book of daily meditations titled Streams in the Desert.  Isn't it funny that God always seems to know what we need to be reminded of whenever we need it most.  This is what I needed this morning.

"Combat comes before victory.  If God has chosen special trials for you to endure, be assured  He has kept a very special place in His heart just for you."

I worry that I don't have the energy for combat.  I know.....I know, just two weeks out of major surgery.  Maybe I'm expecting too much.  But sometimes I feel like I'm going backward instead of forward.  I'll be so glad to see Dr. Mahmood tomorrow.  Maybe he can tell me more about what to expect.  Maybe I'm unreasonable and expecting too much of myself.  Hmmmm, expecting too much of myself.  That certainly isn't anything new.  Oh well, time to get over myself and stop the pity party.   Lots to do today, whether I feel like it or not.  Maybe getting out will make me feel better.  Maybe a new pair of shoes or cute top are in order.  There you go Jo, talk yourself out of this.  You can do it.   You can't kick cancer's butt sitting around moaning about how badly you feel.  Off your duff and get with it.  

Precious Lord,
You always know exactly what it is that I need.  Sometimes it comes from without and sometimes it comes from within.  Please forgive my pity party this morning.  There are so many out there who would happily change places with me because my situation is so much more hopeful than theirs.  I thank You for guiding me today, showing me how to energize myself rather than expecting someone or something else to do it for me.  I thank You for the energy  for combat so that I can have the victory that you have planned for me.  Bless each and everyone else out there with the same energy for combat until they're victorious over this hated enemy.
In Jesus' precious name I ask these things.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 53 One Day Down, Next Day Up

The second my eyes opened this morning, I knew immediately it was going to be a feel good day.
Thank You Father!
I had planned to go to church but still not too secure in my driving or venturing that far from my bathroom.  I drive really slowly.  Really really slowly.  Best I stick with short trips for a few more days.

I did feel good enough to make a beautiful Coconut Meringue Pie for my new son-in-law.  This pie reminds me of my Dad.  He was a man's man.  Tall, strong, with huge oil field worker's hands.  When he returned to The States from Venezuela where we had lived and he had worked for many years, he and my Mom opened a BarBQ restaurant in Needville.  Somehow or other, he took on the job of making homemade bread and meringue pies every day.  No big Hobart mixers.  He did all the kneading with his strong arms and hands.  He was a man of few words and a man of integrity.  I miss him all the time.   If your Dad is still living, cherish and honor him today.  You won't always have that opportunity. 

I heard today from my friend John in Wimberley.  I wrote about his wife Jan a few weeks back.  She is fighting her third round of cancer.  After six months in the hospital and rehab, she is finally home.  I can't even begin to know what she has been through.  We'll pray for her continued recovery today.

When I was in the hospital and Pastor RO came to visit, he prayed a significant prayer for me before he left.  His words included, "In this test is a testimony and in this mess is a message."   This blog has become a testimony for me.  I hear from many of you so I know it has helped others make decisions regarding their own health.  I am asking you to share it with anyone you know with cancer, especially someone that is newly diagnosed.  Not that my words are so profound, but so that they can know that the ups and downs of emotions that go with a diagnosis of cancer  are a part of the process.  It's okay to cry and okay to be angry, but the good part - and there is a good part -  is that it's an opportunity to learn where the true source of comfort and healing lies.   And there is only one place for that. 

Heavenly Father,
I come to You today in humble gratitude for this journey you have given me, a journey where I have learned more about Your loving care than I ever would have before.  I have seen You in control, guiding the doctors to search for a source of my illnesses until it was found, guiding the surgeon to go above and beyond in testing so that my physical healing can continue.  Thank You Father for giving me the opportunity to reach out to others and to share Your love with them in a way I might never have otherwise. 
Lord, please hold Jan in the palm of Your hand as she returns home to continue her recovery.  Bless her with the strength and fortitude to fight this enemy until every rogue cell in her body is destroyed.  I ask that same blessing for me and for every one out there in this same fight. 
We love You and honor You, our true Father, this day.
In Jesus' precious name we pray.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 52 Draggin'

I think my energy level today is at about a minus 5.   When I was whining to Darlene about it, she reminded me I was just over a week out of major surgery.  Okay, I accept that.   Not sure that some of it isn't a little bit of depression.  The mornings seem to take it all out of me and it's the rest of the day on the couch.   Mel's sweet goddaughter, Sammi,  took me to buy groceries yesterday and she and her Mom were back last night with some movies for me to watch.  That helped but I need to get up off my behind.  I hate not being productive. 

I think today I am going into the studio.  I think that might be exactly what I need to do.  I did take a walk outside but came back in sneezing and a sneeze with a fairly fresh incision is not a good thing.  I have several paintings that are almost completed that need to be shipped.  If I can get myself going with that, I know I'll feel better. 

Food is still a dilemma.  I can't worry at this point about much of anything regarding my diet other than to figure out what I can eat that will hang around long enough for my body to absorb some nutrients.  I started back on some multiple vitamins yesterday.  Maybe two or three days of that and I'll feel a little more energetic.  Really not much of an appetite for anything.  Up side is my clothes are looser is the skin.  Probably not a pretty sight to an onlooker.  I just have to get moving.

It just struck me that I'm so focused on the aftermath of the surgery, I've almost forgotten about the enemy in my body.  Even though the wellhead has been removed, there are still those cells floating out there, looking for a new foothold.  I heard yesterday that artist friend, Hannah, has just been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma.  She and her artist husband, Nemo, have been traveling the US the last two years doing shows almost every weekend.  That has all stopped until she can have surgery and recuperate enough to go back on the road.  Please pray for Hannah's healing.

I am so grateful that God has given me this voice to encourage others not to put off what I did.  Long time friend, Grace, found me again through this blog and has her colo/endo scheduled for next week.  I hope others will follow Gracie's example and "get thee to a gastro".   It isn't painful.  Insurance usually covers it.  And, it can save your life. 

Heavenly Father,
You reminded us repeatedly that our bodies are not our own, that they are gifts from You.  As such we must care for them to honor You.  If we truly honor You in all we do, preventative care is as important as aftercare.  Thank You, Lord,  for this platform from which I can remind others how precious their health is and that it is solely their responsibility to maintain it.  
As others praying with me join in holding up Hannah today, I thank You in advance for what You are doing at this very minute to help her with the healing of her body.  Bless Nemo and her family as they support her during this process.
Thank You Lord for guiding the doctor's hands next week as Gracie goes for her tests.  If there is anything needing to be found, let it be revealed so that the enemy finds no foothold there.  Comfort her daughter, Amber, so that she feels the security of knowing that You are there for her and her Mom, wrapping them in Your loving arms. 
God, You are so good.  I love you so much.  How lucky I feel right now knowing You're beside me every step of the way.  Grant that same feeling to every other person out there fighting this hated enemy.
In Jesus' precious name,

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 50 My Refuge and My Fortress

I am back again this morning to Psalm 91.  In the second verse, it says:

"My refuge and my fortress; My God in whom I trust."

Yesterday was my first checkup with Dr. Mahmood.  I walked into the building at 11am, exactly one week to the day and hour since I checked in for surgery at the building next door.  I had been told ever since diagnosis that a portion of the right colon would be removed as well as 10 lymph nodes removed to be checked for cancer.  When Melanie and I met with Dr. M, he told us that he had taken 25 lymph nodes instead of just 10.  Why?  It was just something he felt like he should do.  Of the 25 nodes examined, only one indicated any evidence of cancer. 

I know I shouldn't be but I'm still pretty overwhelmed by the "what might have been."  What if he had only taken 10 and the affected lymph node was not one of the 10?  Then I would have been sent home with a pat on my back and congratulations that no further treatment was necessary.  No further treatment, that is, until those evil cells found another perch and started to grow.  I just give God the praise and honor for guiding the surgeon's hands in completing an amazing feat of surgery and in influencing the decision to take 25 samples instead of just 10.  God is good.  All the time. 
So, appointment with oncologist - made.  Appointment for port for chemo - made.  I'm ready for the next leg of this journey.

Dr. Mahmood also released me to eat whatever I want.  What he didn't tell me is that just because he released me, my digestive system didn't release me.  So, for the first time in weeks and weeks, I drank a coke and ate some "regular" Chinese food.  That means it wasn't steamed chicken and veggies.  Yummo.  I loved every sip and every bite and then I walked most of the night bent over like Quasimoto, holding my tummy and groaning with gas pains.  Oh my gosh.  I finally had some hot green tea about 4:30 this morning and got a little sleep.  Okay, lesson learned.  Those guilty pleasures are not worth the payback.  Back to my healthy, alkaline, antiangiogenesis meals.  But, may I say, that meal yesterday was divine!

Precious Lord,
I am so blessed and so grateful for the loving care You have shown me through this journey.  It was only by Your hand that my surgeon went the extra mile for me.  I give You all the praise and the honor and the glory.  It's all You, Father.  It's all You.
I am asking a special blessing today for all of those dear ones who prayed for Your hand to be with me through this.  I know the power of prayer and that You are present in the united prayer of Your children.
I stand in the gap today Father for everyone out there fighting this hated enemy with no friends or loved ones to hold them in prayer as I have had.  Bless them, heal them and let them feel the comfort of Your protective love wrapped around them.
Thank You Father.  Thank You.
In Jesus' name.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 48 One Day Up, Next Day Down

I wonder why when you leave the hospital, you're simply turned loose with no idea of what to expect.  Yesterday started great, then quickly morphed into a day of nausea and severe heart burn.  I hardly ate all day and just sat in a stupor.  I'm somewhat better today.  I've decided I need to set a routine of eating, walking and resting.  Too hot to walk outside, so I'll just make the rounds in here.  So far, I've eaten two tiny meals, walked and had a healing nap inbetween.  Once I'm through at the computer, I'll start the walking rounds and then down again.

At the hospital, I was dosed daily and almost hourly with pain meds, nausea medicine, heart burn medicine, magnesium when my heart got a little fluttery, pills to make sure the pain meds would not slow down the bowel function and even shots in the belly for blood thinners.  From that, I went straight to nothing except for pain meds every four hours and that's it.   I guess it's in their rush to kick the patient out as soon as possible no one really sits down and explains what to expect.  Maybe they don't know because they only hear from a patient if there's an emergency and they're so focused on getting the job done that is no time or interest in focusing on "after hospital" care.

For those of you "of a certain age", do you remember when someone going for surgery was checked into the hospital the night before and kept in the hospital several days after to be sure all the possible problems had been taken care of before sending the patient home to deal with the aftereffects on their own?   I know there is no use talking about what used to be but sometimes the way things are done today isn't necessarily the best way.

Tomorrow is a trip to see the surgeon and I'm glad for that.  Not sure what I'm going to wear as my buddha belly eleminates just about everything in my closet.  Maybe I'll dress up a pair of these big pjs I bought.  What the heck.  Ha Ha Ha.  I was about to say "I have cancer.  I can wear whatever I want."   I take that back, but sometimes the "c" card just comes out.  So, I'll check in tomorrow after the checkup and let you know officially how I'm doing. 

Precious Lord,
We acknowledge You as the Great Physician, the Great Healer.  You have told us that Your healing Spirit is within each of us.  Give us the faith to recognize that Spirit and the energy to acitvate it and to go forward in this battle for victory over the hated enemy that is taking loved ones from us daily. 
Let me, Lord, be an example to others of what to do and what not to do so that they don't have to travel the same path that I am on.  It's not a path anyone would take willingly.
I am asking special blessings for those brilliant people dedicating their lives to uncovering the many ways to avoid and to kill this enemy.  Help me to help them spread the word to everyone I meet of what can be done to avoid having their lives cut short because of nutritional choices they've made.
Bless each one in this battle Father.  Just wrap Your loving and comforting arms around them, assuring them of Your constant love.  In the long run, Father, that's all that matters.
In Jesus' name,

Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 47 I'm Ba-a-a-ack!!!!!!!

I spent so much time here at the computer recording everything leading up to surgery that it feels a little strange to be back here.  First a huge THANK YOU! for all the emails, calls, prayers and well wishes on my behalf.  Let me say this.  I feel great!  My doctor was a medical mechanical master.  The surgery was done laproscopically with only two little punctures for guiding the mechanics and a 3" incision for removing what needed to be removed, two hours instead of predicted four hours.  Surgery at 1pm on Wednesday and I was home by 1pm on Saturday.  Woo Hoo!!

I understand from family and friends that the first hours after surgery were pretty bad but, God, in His infinite wisdom erased that time from my mind.  Seeing the pics my ornery family took of me in recovery, I looked more like a cadaver than a live person but that's okay.  Between family, friends, and staff at Methodist, I had the most wonderful care.   For some reason, God granted me a huge private room with it's own little foyer at the end of the hall with a huge wall of windows and a gorgeous view of the skyline.  It couldn't have been nicer.

There was a steady trail of doctors, nurses, visitors and I only had a mini meltdown one day.  I was so tired of everything and started to cry.  I thought my nurses were going to cry too,  Four of them were gathered around consoling me and asking what they could do.  After that I had about a two hour healing nap and all was good again.  I even "counseled" with one nurse on our walk about what a difference changing her diet would make in the discomforts she was having.  Isn't that a hoot?!  The nurse confiding in me and then telling me how glad she was that she had a chance to talk with me....Wow!

The big deal during the hospital stay was whether the "splice" in the colon would hold.   If it didn't, I would be in big trouble.  It was pretty suspenseful every time I went to the bathroom.  Would it be liquid, gaseous or solid?  When the eagle finally landed about 1am on Saturday, the nurses all clapped and cheered, sent word to the doctor and came back to tell me how happy he was.  I felt like a child that had just made its first potty.

Melanie, Darlene, and mostly Tineke were with me almost around the clock.  How awesome was that?!  The nurses were wonderful but more important was to look over and see someone who already knows and loves me there standing by my side, ready to do anything.  Pastors RO and Laurie were there during surgery and RO was back for healing prayer during my stay. 

So, I'm home.  I feel good.  I get up and down fine.  The innards are a little sore but pain meds take care of that.  I've cleaned the kitchen, swiffered the floor, cooked for myself.  I'm careful about not picking up anything too heavy and I won't push a vacuum for a while but that certainly won't hurt my feelings.  So, what's next?

Pathology came back before I left on Saturday.  One of the ten lymph nodes was positive so that means chemo.  It is almost a relief.  My precious brother had this surgery back in the 1980's with no followup treatment and a few short years later had died from cancer in his liver and lungs.  I want followup treatment.  This way, if there are any rogue cells floating around in my system, the chemo and antiangiogenesis diet I'm following should take care of them.   So, now I have to decide on an oncologist.  Most people immediately think MD Anderson.  I've heard both pros and cons about that.  My doctors have recommended an oncologist that did visit with me in the hospital.  Maybe I'll see him and make an appointment at MD also to compare. 

What this means is that my journey is not complete.  Victory is already mine and I know that but whatever the eventual outcome, I have learned so much through these last 47 days.  My life has changed in a positive way.  I am able to rely on God and on the love and friendship of others in a way that I had never been able to before.  I am blessed and I am grateful.

Precious Lord,
James said "My brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of any kind, consider it nothing but joy."  I thank You Father for this journey and for the privilege of being used by You to touch others.  I never expected to have a true ministry but You've given me one and my life has a direction that it never had before.  I ask for that same comfort and satisfaction for everyone else out there fighting this hated enemy.  I love You Lord.  I love You.
In Jesus' name.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 42 Victory Day

This is the day the Lord has made.  I will rejoice and be glad in it.

Long time coming and there is so much going through my mind.  Excitement to have all of this almost all behind me.  A little weary from the long wait from diagnosis to surgery, but that was my decision.  Wondering if writing this blog was the right thing to do.  I have allowed so many feelings to come forward when I might have been better off just pushing them back and ignoring them.  Am I forgetting anything that I'll need at the hospital?  All that plus I'm so darned hungry I could eat a bear and so thirsty I could drain a swimming pool.  It's just after 7am and four more hours until they start an iv so I won't be so dehydrated.  All that cleanse I had to drink last night is sodium based and, at this point, I feel like a piece of jerky.  Probably look like one too.  Oh well.......

Enough of my grumbling.  I am giving thanks today for all of my family, my friends, and my church.  I am so blessed and covered by His love.  I hope you'll indulge me by letting me share some of the words that have been sent to me.  You'll understand why it makes my eyes leak.

" ..that God will guide each hand of the doctors and all that is done is complete healing."
"Sending happy thoughts and awaiting the call to action to do whatever needs to be done to help you through."
"Please know we look at your painting every day and it brings us so much joy.  I believe that any form of artistry can be a great healer."
"Hope all goes will!  You have too many canvases yet to paint."
"Will hold you in my prayers.  You give 'em hell, girl!  And love your life."
"I'm hoping to return in thoughts and prayers to you the same serenity, peace and comfort your amazing artwork brings to me."
"Stay strong and positive."
"I am so excited you are claiming Victory because that is what Jesus promises to his children.  As you go through this temporary desert, I know that the streams of victory in your health will be flowing on the other side."
"Keep up the good fight and know a lot of people are praying for you."

Lauren, Darlene and Jamie have sent out requests on Facebook for intercessory prayers on my behalf.  My church is praying.  My family is praying.  People I don't even know and will probably never know are praying for me.  How can I not be victorious over the enemy today?

Melanie will post an update on Facebook later today so, if you want to check, it's .  In the meantime, if you would like to see some of my art, I have it at and .

So, to all of you, my blogger friends, I'll be back in about a week with great news of God's work in my life.

Precious Lord and Savior,
How can I express how happy I feel at this moment, how grateful I am for all the blessings you have given me?  I am asking now that You return those blessings to each and every one that has supported and prayed for me through this journey so far.  They have been my companions on this trip, holding me up in spirit and prayer and I want to acknowledge how much that has meant to me. 
For every person traveling a journey like mine, bless them with the same love and support that You have given me so that their travels down this uncertain path will be easier and more secure. 
I love You Father and I know that Your hand, Your angels, Your love and Your care are surrounding me today.  Bless this battle that I am fighting and I thank You for  victory over this hated enemy.
In Jesus' name.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 41 Ah, The Indignity of It All!

I went shopping yesterday for my postsurgery needs.  Not a happy time for me.
First stop was to buy some giant pajamas.  I do not like gowns so this meant I had to buy pj's large enough not to be binding on my stomach.  XXL with a draw string should do the job.  Okay, so they gather on the floor at my feet.  I can hike them up above my waist and there'll still be plenty of room.  Oh my gosh.  They're huge.  Next was nine pair of the ugliest granny panties ever made - also XXL - and I think I will probably still clip the waistband so there will be nothing touching the incision.

Then....... the very worst.  I bought a huge package of Depends.  Yes, I did my best to hide them in the bottom of the shopping basket just in case I ran into anyone I knew in Walmart which is usually the case.   After that, with as much piled on top of the Depands as I could manage,  I began to look for the disposable bed pads I had seen advertised on tv for kiddos with bed wetting problems.  They sit on top of the sheet and stick to it so they won't move or bunch up during the night.  I had three workers looking for them to no avail.  The closest thing I could find was Puppy PeePee Training Pads.  I did actually pick the package up, check out the size and tried to imagine sleeping on one of those.  Not.  Guess that was where I had to draw the line.  I don't know why I'm so worried.  About all I'll get is clear broth with noodles, clear juice, and mashed potatoes for the first couple of weeks.  That and some Ensure. 

I have to admit, I'm getting nervous about tomorrow.  I am confident about the outcome, but still nervous.  I think this must be a little like dying.  I know where I'm going to end up in the long run, but it's the process I'm not looking forward to.   I check in at 11am and surgery is scheduled for 1pm.  I've been telling everyone 2pm.  Don't know where I got that idea.  It is expected to take about 4 hours if it's completed as a laproscopic surgery and longer if it has to be completed as an open surgery.   

So, I'm going to stay busy today.  Chicken and Dumplings are on the schedule so there'll be something in the fridge for whoever ends up staying with me.  I'm going to wash bedding, vacuum and mop, work on some paintings that should have already been finished, pay bills, plan what I'm going to take with me to the hospital, and then start drinking that stuff (shudder).   Tineke's husband, Dionel,  is picking up Chipper this evening to take to their house while I'm in the hospital.  I'll probably be a little weepy about that but Chipper will be happy.  He adores Dionel.  

So, that' my day.  Just me and the Lord, working our way through, me talking, Him listening and comforting.  This prayer was included with some healing scriptures that Pastor RO gave me on Sunday.  It's from 1 Corinthians 6:19,20.  I share it with everyone reading this to pray it as well for themselves.

Precious Father,
I was bought with a price and I will glorify the Lord with my body for my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.  I am not my own.  I will talk of Your wonderous works.  I will give You thanks for You are Good.  I will declare Your greatness and bless Your name forever and ever.
In Jesus' name,

Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 40 Two Days to Victory

Yesterday in the service at Texas Cowboy Church, Pastor RO referred to my surgery as my victory and that's what I'm going to call it from now on.

I hope everyone had a weekend as wonderful as mine.  First of all, Mel's Wedding Party was held Saturday evening.  We decided a while back that making a three tier wedding cake would be a little too much stress for me so a friend would bake the cake.  So.... what do I do?

Yes, that's six dozen cuppies plus a batch of Lemon Coconut Bars.  I made Rocky Road, Funfetti and Strawberry with Chocolate Ganache cuppies and, if I do say so myself, they were yummy.  No keeping a good baker down. 

The party was awesome.  Lots of hugs and well wishing for the success on my victory.  Family, friends, food, music.  Too much fun.   Then Sunday was church.  I am here to say this.  If anyone  does  not have a church family, find one!  I know, I can be spiritual without going to church.  I'm not sure what being spiritual really means but I do know being spiritual is not necessarily knowing God and not necessarily knowing how to love Jesus the way He should be loved.  I believe that can only be done by studying the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, and learning from elders who have studied longer and know more.   If one doesn't know Him, how can  His hand be seen in everything that happens every day?  Life is such a gift and such a miracle and it's all from Him.

The Bible says when we are ill, to go to the church elders and have them anoint us with oil and that's what I did yesterday.  My church family gathered to lay hands on me and pray for me and it was such an uplifting and blessed experience.  I wish that type of church for everyone that might happen across this blog.   Then, when I was leaving, one of the church members stopped to tell me that colon cancer runs in her family and that her mother lived 35 years after surgery and that her grandmother had the surgery when she was in her 90's and did well after.  Thank you, Mrs. McDonald. 

In yesterday's message, Pastor RO read from the 20th chapter of the Gospel of Matthew.  It tells of the two blind men who approached Jesus and asked for mercy.  Jesus knew they were blind but still He asked them specifically what they wanted before He restored their sight.  The lesson, obviously, is to be specific in our prayers.  Today, I am going to pray a specific prayer for myself.

Heavenly Father,
I am so grateful to have You in my life.  I thank You for my family and my friends and I thank You for your mercy and forgiveness.  Lord, I am following the example You set when the blind men asked  for healing and I am asking specifically that on Wednesday the victory be quick, that the cancer will not have penetrated the walls of the colon, that my lymph nodes are clean and that You make me an example of Your healing.  Let me be of service to You, Lord, through this experience.  I love You so much.  I honor You in all I do. 
I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 38 Ignorance Is Bliss?

I'm not sure that's the correct saying but it's the way I always heard it growing up and what it means to me is that sometimes it's just better not to know too much.  Yesterday I mentioned Dr. William Li and his study of angiogenesis which is basically the theory that there are rogue (my word for them) blood vessels that feed cancer cells allowing them to thrive and grow.  As I read more about this theory, I remembered that after I finally heard back from the surgeon on the cat scan, he said there was a spot on my liver that turned out to be a cluster of blood vessels.  If I had an organ I would play that scary music that preceeds someone losing their head in a slasher movie.  Yikes.

So, now I have something else to wonder about.  My brother died after colon cancer spread to his liver and lungs.  Well crap!  So, are those vessels on my liver feeding a cancer cell that isn't large enough yet to be detected on a pet or cat scan?  Am I going to panic now every time I feel a twinge in my body?  Feel like I need to run to a doctor for test after test just to be there isn't a new cancer somewhere else?  That's not how I want to live my life. 

Okay, back to Psalm 91.  No Fear!  God and I have this.  He's in my corner, on my side, and His mercy is every where evident.  I am a strong, fierce, cancer fighting child of the Most High and I am so grateful.  God is good.........all the time. 

Back to Dr. Li.  I found an interactive website that he sponsors at .  Lots more information there about what foods his studies reveal are the strongest cancer fighters or rather the strongest killers of those rogue blood vessels.   I'll quote him again.  "What we eat is chemo therapy everyday."  Another quick trip to Whole Foods yesterday and my fridge is stocked.  I'm not sure what for.  I only have today and tomorrow to eat normally, then Monday is liquid diet and Tuesday is cleanse (yikes!!!!) before surgery on Wednesday.   Oh well, Darlene will be here today and tomorrow and she can help me with it.   This afternoon I'm going to make a swiss chard/sweet potato saute.  Saute onion, red or orange pepper and some sliced mushrooms in a tiny bit of olive oil.  Then clean and slice the chard and add with a little water, salt and pepper.  I often add a few chicken boullion granules instead of the salt.  Wash and peel a sweet potato and cut up into little cubes.  Add to greens with a tiny bit of water, cover and simmer until the greens and sweet potato are tender.  Then I add a small splash of balsamic vinegar and a tiny squeeze of honey.  Yumm.

I just found out that I had 33 messages on Facebook extending back over a month for goodness sake.  So now I know what that little icon at the top with the number 33 was.  One of the messages was from a friend that I haven't seen in quite a few years.  Shortly before I gave Melanie a kidney, she gave her husband a kidney.  She heard of my diagnosis and wanted to let me know that since the transplant her husband had colon cancer, several rounds of chemo and was doing fine.  It's just everywhere and so pervasive.

Father God,
Today I am asking special blessings on Pete and his wife, Barbie.  He has been through so much needing a kidney transplant and then having to deal with colon cancer.   I know the Bible says that You are no respector of persons and love us all equally.  I see now that the enemy is no respector of persons either.  He can attack anyone at any time.  Father, I am asking that Pete's healing is so profound that cancer will never invade his body again.  Bless Barbie for being the spouse that You intended, giving everything she could to get her husband back to good health. 
In Jesus' precious name,

Friday, June 1, 2012


James Brown has nothing on me.  Since it's just me and Chipper here, I may have to dance a little jig because I feel great this morning.  After three days pretty much spent on the couch, this is awesome.  What caused the change?  Two possibilities.  Yesterday morning was my last dose of a med to control bladder spasms from the infection so maybe it is out of my system.  The other possibility could be two complete days of my multi-multivitamin pills.  Actually it's 16 capsules a day and I've found every excuse in the world not to take them.  I have to work it into my eating routine to get them down and I think I have it figured out.
By the way, here's the look I get from Chipper when I dance through the house.

Obviously that eye roll indicates he's not too impressed.  Oh well, neither would anyone else be impressed but, you know what, I don't care.  Couldn't you just kiss that precious face?  I may have to stop writing a minute to get a Chipper hug. 

I have spent over an hour on the computer this morning researching Dr. William Li.  He recently appeared on Dr. Oz's show speaking on angiogenesis and the foods we can incorporate into our diet to starve the blood vessels that feed cancer.  That was encouraging because it sort of reinforces the diet that I have been following since diagnosis.  To see one of his talks on angiogenesis, click here  I found another of his talks on YouTube that was a later one with additional information.  He said, "What we eat is chemotherapy every day."  Dr. Oz has a printable grocery list on his website of the foods that Dr. Li believes we should include in our diet.  One being red wine.  Yay for that, Dr Li. 

I'm way behind on everything I need to do.  Should have done more baking yesterday.  Should have worked on the painting for Positive Images Gallery.  I did nothing.  So, today is makeup time.  My best friend, Darlene, will be here tomorrow for the Wedding Party and will spend the night.  She has made this journey with me and will help me after surgery.  I'm excited to see her.  We live on opposite sides of Houston so that limits how often we can get together.  We've been friends since we were beautiful young 20somethings and through lots of ups and downs in our lives.  She probably knows me better than anyone else.......and loves me anyway.  That's a true friend.

So, now it's time for my smoothie and first dose of vitamins.  Then time to get to work. 

Precious Father God,
Today I am asking special blessings for Melanie's childhood friend, Renee.  She just finished round #4 of chemo and is about to start 12 more weeks of treatment.  Lord, I thank you for giving those meds supernatural powers to perfectly target the enemy that Renee is fighting, to starve that enemy and obliterate it so completely that it can never return to her body.  We know that You are her constant companion, her comfort and that her healing is in Your hands.  Thank You Father for everything You do for her and for me and for everyone fighting this most dreaded enemy. 
In Jesus' precious name,