Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 469 No Need to Panic

In November, two years ago, I began to have sore throats and sinus infections over and over.   It seemed I was barely over one when another one would start.  In January, I started with an allergist thinking it was just allergies and he would give me the allergy tests and discover I had a huge allergy to something environmental and give me a shot and I would be done and start to feel better soon.  When the allergist told me there was no allergy and no magic potion to start making me feel better, I burst into tears in his office.   I had felt so poorly for months.  Surely someone could do something.

By March, nothing was showing up as a physical problem and I went to a new doctor for my well woman exam.   Fortunately, that young doctor was horrified that I had not had a colonoscopy and insisited I schedule one immediately.   Thank you, Dr. Heaps.   That colonoscopy saved my life.  The sore throats were not a symptom of colon cancer but they were a symptom that my immune system was working over time, trying to kill the cancer that was growing in my body rather than fighting the sore throats and sinus infections.

Last week, after spending more time outside than usual, I started to have a sore throat again.  This was the first one in almost two years.  It was only on the right side but went up into my ear.  By the third day, I started to worry.  I guess, no matter what, I will forever wonder if every pain or twinge or not great day is a symptom of the enemy trying to gain a foothold again and destroy my life.   So, what did I do?   Pray?  I should have but instead I just pushed it to the back of my mind.   I sort of felt that praying about it would be acknowledging it and giving it some power that I didn't want it to have.  I suppose on some level I was praying, just not going down on my knees asking that the sore throat not be a return of cancer.  But He knew.

"Now my daughter, do not be afraid; I will do for you all that you ask........"   Ruth 3:11

I am amazed every day how God shows up in my life.   I shouldn't be surprised but I continue to be, as He reminds what an great and amazing God I serve.   I am so blessed to be counted one of His children and I give Him all the praise, honor and glory.    My God is an awesome God.

Precious Lord, Jehovah Rapha,
I thank You for loving me and for healing me and for protecting me and for blessing me.  I thank You for showing Your greatness every day in my life.   It is all You, Father.   It is all You.
Father, today I pray again for our friend Tony's blood counts to come up.   He has missed two rounds of chemo because his body was not strong enough to handle the onslaught of the poison meant to destroy the cancer cells invading his body.   He will be tested again Friday and, in Jesus' name, let the blood numbers soar so that this enemy in his life can be killed.
I ask strenth for every one out there fighting the same enemy.  Special blessings for friends Lisa, and Jo and Marti and Bryce and Frank.   Love them, bless them, heal them.
These things I pray in the precious name of Jesus Christ, the name above all names.

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